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The Originals

Custom-made Curtain 

A custom-made curtain is manufactured according to your colour and measurement specifications.

The price will be calculated in regard to the size including rail.

Following 13 colours are available:

Item no.

20001      Silver
20002      Blue
20003      Yellow/Gold
20004      Green
20005      Red
20006      Brown
20007      Purple
20008      Emerald
20009      Turquoise
20010      Copper
20011      Black
20012      Grey
20013      Orange

Do not hesitate to contact us for desired patterns or colour combinations 

A made to measure curtain and desired colour will be charged at:


Curtain length longer than 1m  SFr. 130.-/ m2

Price variance

Curtain length equal or smaller than 1m  SFr.  140.-/m2

The curtain length is always calculated inclusive the curtain rail

 The chains must hang freely and do not rest on the floor.

  • all prices include Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • exclude installation charges
  • packing and delivery charges within Switzerland

                < 1m*  (Postpac Priority)                                   SFr. 20.-

                > 1m*  (Bulky Goods/Postpac Economy)         SFr. 36.-

                (* length of parcel)